HR Toolkit Module 1: Sourcing & Selecting


This module contains customizable job descriptions, application, and interview guide as well as best hiring practices to make sourcing and selecting simple.


Call us cliché, but people really are the heart of your business.  Your business will only thrive if you attract people with the right qualifications, motivation and work ethic. Sourcing is about finding the right people to interview for jobs with your company. The better your people pipeline; the better selection decisions your managers will make when it comes time to make a hire! 

Selecting the right people to work at your business is critical. From front of house to back of house, every team member represents an essential part of your hospitality to the customers and community you serve.  Selecting the wrong person can cost you so much more than money. 

Included in this module are the following customizable .docs:

HRM01.1 Assistant General Manager Job Description

HRM01.2 Assistant Manager Job Description

HRM01.3 General Manager Job Description

HRM01.4 Expanded Job Application

HRM01.5 Interview Worksheet

HRM01.6 Working Interview Guide

HRM01.7 Team Member Best Hiring Practices

HRM01.8 SAMPLE Referral Bonus Form


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