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Consult to Grow® is a boutique restaurant strategy firm that advises restaurant owners, founders, operators, and investors on scaling systems, profits, and geography.  

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Jamie Griffin, Founder & Principal

Jamie Griffin is the Founder and Principal of Consult to Grow®, a restaurant strategy firm that advises restaurant owners on scaling systems, processes, and people to grow sales, profits, and geography.

  • Restaurant, Growth & People Strategist
  • Former Executive at Raising Cane's
  • Certified Franchise Executive
  • Senior Certified HR Professional
  • Tulane University, MBA

Consult to Grow® helps restaurant owners, founders, operators & investors level up through personal and organizational transformations.

Grow Your Business

Grow & Scale Assessment

Strategic Alternatives Review

Strategic Plan Development

Quick Build 12 Month Traction Plan

Organizational Pillar (Purpose, Mission, Values) Development

Grow Your Team

HR & Employer of Choice Strategy

Leadership Retreat Facilitation

Win-Win Short-Term and Long-Term Incentive Plan Modeling

Managing / Operating Partner Programs

Grow Individuals

Leader & Candidate Assessments

Executive Coaching

Temporary Executive Support

Unit-Level Manager Development Workshops

Personal 1 Hour Consultations



It's important that we know you and you know us. Every engagement begins with a free introductory call or teleconference so we can get to know each other before you begin investing.


No matter your growth struggle, we want to help. Fees are offered on a scaled basis for individuals, small & mid-sized businesses, and are priced based on the value you will realize by putting our advice to work.


We embrace technologies like Skype, Zoom and Trello to stay organized and offer services no matter where we are in the world. Using technology also minimizes our need to pass along travel costs to you.


We consult to make personal and business transformations. If we don't believe we can help produce meaningful results, we won't take your money.


We are proud to work with great clients...


Consulting & speaking services are offered on a scaled basis and are priced based on the value you will realize by putting our advice to work in your life or business. So, each project or engagement is unique and is quoted individually.


We believe in giving back to the world.

In 2016, Jamie visited Lebanon to understand better the crisis unfolding as over 1 million Syrians were displaced and sought refuge from the Syrian civil war & conflict. Following that initial trip, Jamie and his fellow travelers returned to the US to form Safe Spaces Lebanon with the mission to create safe spaces to engage, empower and educate refugees and support their host communities.

In October 2018, Safe Spaces Lebanon opened the Safe Spaces Center in the greater Saida area in Lebanon. The center provides relief, education & developmental support to children affected by the war.

A portion of Consult to Grow's proceeds go to Safe Spaces Lebanon. 

Image of Refugees