3 Ways to Fix the Broken Performance Review Process

Few human resources practices are more hated than the annual process of sharing performance reviews. If you lament this routine as a financial and emotional drain on your workforce, you are not alone. An estimated 10 percent of Fortune 500 have moved away from performance rankings according to the Institute of Corporate Productivity. Companies such as…

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How to Drive Results by Setting Restaurant Goals

Setting Restaurant Goals Diagram

Are you wondering why you should even set goals for your management team? Shouldn’t managers show up and do their best every day? Setting goals shows restaurant managers where they need to focus their time which helps them prioritize work each and every shift. In fact, research supports that setting strong goals boosts performance. Restaurant…

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Total Rewards that Drive Results

Total Rewards that Drive Results Cover

What are Total Rewards? Total Rewards is a more inclusive term for the potential ways you can inspire, engage and incentivize your restaurant team members. At Consult to Grow®, we’ve adapted the Total Rewards model from WorldatWork for restaurants to include: compensation, benefits, schedule flexibility, training & development, recognition & rewards, and performance feedback. Our model is…

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