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55-Minute High Impact Restaurant Problem-Solving Call based on 20+ Years of Experience

Consult to Grow® is a boutique restaurant strategy firm that advises restaurant owners, founders, operators, and investors on scaling systems, profits, and geography primarily serving restaurant owners and executives in the United States.

For clients with specific needs that can be addressed over one or a few 55-minute calls, booking instantly may be the best option. The cost of a 55-minute restaurant problem-solving call inclusive of preparation time, the actual call and a 30-minute recap is $595. Here’s how that works:

25 Minute Preparation

  • Review your website
  • Review customer feedback
  • Review the files you provide

55 Minute Virtual One-on-One Problem-Solving Call

  • Live call with Jamie
  • Solve challenges in real time
  • 100% confidential

30 Minute Consult Recap

  • Provide a written call recap
  • Provide tools, forms, checklists that may help

Ways we might be able to support you:

  • Sales Building
  • Labor/Food Cost
  • Increasing Profit
  • Engagement
  • Team Morale
  • Staff/Management
  • Grow & Scale
  • Systems & Processes
  • Other Concerns

What clients are saying:

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