Not sure how a restaurant consultant can benefit your business? This quick guide will help you understand what Consult to Grow offers.

What do restaurant consultants do?

We work with owners, founders, operators and investors to provide expert guidance in scaling and systems, processes and people to grow sales, profits and geography. Our top-down model addresses four key areas: scaling your concept, improving sales and profit, improving operational performance, and growing your team.

How can Consult to Grow help me or my restaurant?

Through Consult to Grow, Jamie will aid your restaurant business in clarifying your vision, developing your strategies, and building the right teams and monitoring their progress to get to the next level.

Do you work with all types of restaurants?

Yes! Over his 20+ year career, Jamie has helped restaurants grow, improve, and adapt to nearly every size and segment, from quick service to fine dining. Current clients include privately owned and corporate concepts. If your restaurant business is ready to scale and grow, Consult to Grow is ready to help.

How do I engage Consult to Grow’s services?

We offer several different ways for you to engage our services. Visit our Get Started page to learn more!

How long does a restaurant consulting engagement typically last?

This depends on your goals and requirements. Some engagements last only a few months, others several years.

Can you help me start a new restaurant?

Unfortunately, starting new restaurants is not part of our expertise. We only take on engagements where we feel confident we can exceed our client’s expectations.

Will you help me train my staff?

Yes. In fact, we offer training in more than one format, including our Leadership Accelerator Program (LAP) run in partnership with Kathleen Wood of Kathleen Wood Partners. LAP is a 6-, 12- or 18-month interactive leadership program designed exclusively for emerging restaurant groups. You can schedule a free call to learn more about whether LAP is right for your business.

What factors should I consider when choosing a consulting partner?

We believe in providing achievable goals and meaningful deliverables. As with any consulting firm you are considering, look to our past and present clients to determine Consult to Grow’s credibility and reputation through testimonials and reviews.

What are your fees and pricing structure?

No matter your growth struggle, we want to help. Fees are offered on a scaled basis for individuals, small & mid-sized businesses, and are priced based on the value you will realize by putting our advice to work.

Can I hire your restaurant consulting group for ongoing support?

Yes! Jamie currently offers weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins to support your restaurant business well after the initial engagement. Consult to Grow aims to build long-term partnerships with our clients in order to support you as you negotiate the rapidly changing restaurant landscape.

Do you offer any other resources to support my restaurant business?

Yes! We have a shop full of customizable HR tools ready for instant download, many of which are available at no cost to you.
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