Let’s Get Started

Complimentary 30-Minute Introductory Call

Let’s chat about business growth, restaurants, or strategy.

No pressure or cost. If you’re looking for restaurant advice, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other. Let’s see if we’re a fit by scheduling some time to get to talk one-on-one. This appointment differs from the “Book Consultation” in that we’re not trying to solve a specific business problem on the call; we are exploring how we might work together on growing your business, team, or individuals.

Problem-Solving Session

Let’s problem-solve together to get you or your business “unstuck.”

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Is there a specific challenge or need in your business that you want restaurant advice to solve? Use this 55-minute problem-solving session to ask me anything about business, growth, challenges, or people – the time is yours.

Each 55-minute call includes preparation time during which we review your website, customer feedback and the files you provide. During the 100% confidential live call, problems will be solved in real-time. Finally, you will receive a written call summary and tools, forms, and checklists for your needs.

Not Ready for a Call?

Digital Resources

Shop for Digital Tools

Have you been tasked with building a new system or process but don’t know where to start? Explore our Digital Shop, which provides immediate access to tried-and-tested tools and templates customizable to your business.

HR Self-Assessment

Consult to Grow® created this complimentary HR audit to help you identify the strengths and opportunities of your HR practices and documentation. In exchange for completing a 10-minute online assessment, you will have instant access to a custom 10-page report that provides you with specific insights to level up your Human Resources infrastructure.

Single Job Market Study

Do you want to pay your office team fairly but don’t have access to credible market pay data? Consult to Grow® offers a single job market pay review with a 30-minute follow-up advisory session. Within two business days, Consult to Grow® will provide a written compensation report including market base, bonus and total cash numbers set to various percentiles. We then spend 30 minutes reviewing the report together via a virtual call.

Thrive with Us

Leadership Programs

The Restaurant Leadership Accelerator is a 6-, 12-, or 18-month interactive leadership program designed exclusively for emerging restaurant groups that includes interactive virtual courses with pools and experiential activities as well as monthly coaching calls focused on accountability and results.
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