9 Box Tool


Assess talent potential with the Nine Box Tool digital file from Consult to Grow®. Unlock leadership potential and strategic decision-making.

Are you seeking a powerful and efficient tool to assess talent potential and performance within your organization? The “Nine Box Tool,” from Consult to Grow, will help you identify and develop high-potential employees for future leadership roles.

9 Box Explained

The “Nine Box Tool” digital file starts with a comprehensive explanation of the Nine Box model. This model is a widely used talent management tool for assessing employees based on their performance and potential. It provides a visual representation of talent within the organization and helps identify individuals who are ready for advancement.

9 Box Illustrated

Within this digital file, you will find a detailed illustration of the Nine Box model. This illustration visually represents the talent assessment, making it easy for you to plot team members based on their potential and performance scores.

Chart Your Team

The “Nine Box Tool” includes a section called “Chart Your Team,” which provides space to record team members’ potential and performance scores. This feature allows you to assess your team members’ strengths and areas for development and identify high-potential employees for future leadership roles.

Additionally, the “Nine Box Tool” digital file empowers you to create an objective and data-driven approach to talent management. By leveraging this tool, you can make informed decisions about employee development, succession planning, and leadership development initiatives.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please note that the “Nine Box Tool” digital file is intended for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice or create an employer-employee relationship. Consult to Grow® recommends consulting with legal professionals and tailoring talent management practices to adhere to local labor laws, industry-specific regulations, and individual organizational requirements.

Unlock the potential of your workforce with the “Nine Box Tool” digital file from Consult to Grow®. Leverage the power of talent assessment for strategic decision-making and leadership development within your organization.


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