HR Toolkit Module 5: Focused Retention


Retaining quality talent requires focused effort. Put systems in place to quickly separate underperformers and ensure you set your high performers up for success. 

Mastering Talent Retention with HR Toolkit Module 5: Focused Retention

When it comes to focused retention in the dynamic world of the restaurant industry, talent is the bedrock of your success. However, nothing can be more disheartening than investing significant time and resources into hiring and training exceptional team members, only to see them walk away. The art of retaining top talent demands a meticulous approach. This toolkit ensures you not only retain your high-performing individuals but also swiftly identify and address underperformers.

Elevating Focused Retention Strategies

Our “HR Toolkit Module 5: Focused Retention” is your compass for mastering the art of talent retention. With this module in your arsenal, you can establish robust systems that are designed to foster the retention of your finest team members.

Effective Separation Protocols

One of the key aspects of retention is recognizing that not every team member is a perfect fit. Our toolkit equips you with the “Fact Finding Checklist,” enabling you to systematically and objectively evaluate underperforming team members. This checklist ensures you have a clear picture of the situation before initiating any separation process.

Thorough Investigative Resources

In the realm of HR, thoroughness is paramount. That’s why we’ve included resources like the “Fact Finding Accused Packet,” “Fact Finding Complainant Packet,” and “Fact Finding Witness Packet” in this module. These tools empower you to conduct in-depth investigations when disputes or performance issues arise within your team.

Resignation Handling Expertise

Resignations, whether verbal or written, can be complex to navigate. With our “Confirmation of Verbal Resignation” document, you can establish clear protocols for handling these situations, ensuring that resignations are correctly documented and processed.


The information provided here is for general guidance purposes only. Specific advice tailored to your unique circumstances should always be sought from professionals.

Empower Your Restaurant with Focused Retention

In a competitive industry where talent is your most valuable asset, retaining quality individuals is not just an aspiration—it’s a necessity. Embrace the “HR Toolkit Module 5: Focused Retention” by Consult to Grow®. Equip your restaurant with the strategies and resources needed to nurture, retain, and empower your team. By doing so, you’ll secure a solid foundation for long-term success in the ever-evolving restaurant landscape.


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