The Restaurant HR Toolkit


From sourcing and selecting the right hires to dealing with unexpected departures or a team member passing, this toolkit provides you with everything you need to establish protocols that support your vision, mission, and values.

The Restaurant HR Toolkit is for you if people really are the heart of your business.  Your business will only thrive if you attract people with the right qualifications, motivation and work ethic. From sourcing and selecting the right hires to dealing with unexpected departures or a team member passing, this toolkit provides you with everything you need to establish protocols that support your vision, mission and values. And if you haven’t yet determined those, this toolkit helps your hone your organizational pillars.

Built from 15 years of active restaurant industry experience, these tools will help you drive your business to success, this toolkit consists of 6 modules organized for ease of use, each of which contains customizable .docs and informational .pdfs.

HR Module 1: Sourcing & Selecting

  • HRM01.1 Assistant General Manager Job Description
  • HRM01.2 Assistant Manager Job Description
  • HRM01.3 General Manager Job Description
  • HRM01.4 Expanded Job Application
  • HRM01.5 Interview Worksheet
  • HRM01.6 Working Interview Guide
  • HRM01.7 Team Member Best Hiring Practices
  • HRM01.8 SAMPLE Referral Bonus Form

HR Module 2: Training & Development

  • HRM02.1 Orientation Checklist
  • HRM02.2 SAMPLE Server Training Guide
  • HRM02.3 IDP Job Aid
  • HRM02.4 IDP Template
  • HRM02.6 Consult to Grow Manager Competency Basic
  • HRM02.7 Content Development and Planning

HR Module 3: Performance Management

  • HRM03.1 Performance Management Workbook
  • HRM03.2 Performance Improvement Plan
  • HRM03.3 Sample Performance Review Operations Update
  • HRM03.4 Team Member Performance Review
  • HRM03.5 Salaried Manager Performance Review
  • HRM03.6 Multi-Unit Manager Performance Review
  • HRM03.7 Self-Reflection Form
  • HRM03.8 Succession & Manpower Planning
  • HRM03.9 Nine Box Tool

HR Module 4: Total Rewards

  • HRM04.1 Incentive Plan Document
  • HRM04.2 Generic Tip Sharing Concepts
  • HRM04.3 Bonus Concepts
  • HRM04.4 Partner Program Review Toolkit
  • HRM04.5 Total Reward Guidelines
  • HRM04.6 Hourly Team Member Reward and Recogntion Best Practices

HR Module 5: Focused Retention

  • HRM05.1 Fact Finding Checklist
  • HRM05.2 Fact Finding Accused Packet
  • HRM05.3 Fact Finding Complainant Packet
  • HRM05.4 Fact Finding Witness Packet
  • HRM05.5 Confirmation of Verbal Resignation

HR Module 6: Rounded Results

  • HRM06.1 Attendance Policy
  • HRM06.2 What To Do When an Employee Quits
  • HRM06.3 Team Member Passing Guidelines
  • HRM06.4 Contingency Plan for Unexpected Departure
  • HRM06.5 Employee Status Change Form
  • HRM06.6 Sample Employee Status Change Form
  • HRM06.7 Separation Form
  • HRM06.8 Developing Organizational Pillars
  • HRM06.9 High Impact HR
  • 2023 Annual HR Calendar


The information and tools provided in this document are intended for general guidance and informational purposes only. Consult to Grow ® is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the information or tools provided. The use of these materials does not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice and should not be considered a substitute for consulting with qualified professionals. Any reliance you place on such information or tools is strictly at your own risk.

The toolkit and its contents have been compiled based on 15 years of active restaurant industry experience, but individual circumstances may vary. It is recommended that you seek appropriate professional advice or legal counsel tailored to your specific situation before making any decisions based on the information or tools provided in this document.

Please be aware that laws and regulations related to employment, human resources, and business practices may vary by jurisdiction and change over time. Consult to Grow ® does not assume any liability for actions taken based on the contents of this toolkit.

Furthermore, any customizable .docs or informational .pdfs provided in this toolkit should be used as a starting point and modified to suit the specific needs and requirements of your business. It is your responsibility to ensure that any documents created using these templates comply with applicable laws and regulations.

In no event shall Consult to Grow ® be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this toolkit or the information and tools provided therein. By using this toolkit, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Consult to Grow ® harmless from any claims, liabilities, or expenses arising from your use of the toolkit or reliance on the information provided.


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