Single Job Market Compensation Study

Request your Single Job Market Compensation Study

Do you want to pay your office team fairly but don’t have access to credible market pay data?

Consult to Grow® offers a single job market pay review with a 30-minute follow-up advisory session. Within two business days, Consult to Grow® will provide a written compensation report including market base, bonus and total cash numbers set to various percentiles. We then spend 30 minutes reviewing the information together via a virtual call.

What is a Job Market Compensation Study?

A multi-page job pricing report generated 100% from employer-reported data. It provides detailed compensation information to empower employers to determine and communicate why a job is paid what it is and demonstrate that the company is paying a competitive wage. The report can support pay decision-making for both new hires or current employees. 

How C2G Pay Study Works

How our Compensation Study Reports work: 

  1. Pick a time below. This will be when we review your single job market compensation study report.  
  2. Complete the booking form.  We’ll collect the following information from you to create the most accurate report possible: job location, company industry, company size, job title, type of role, job description, and current pay or pay target information.  
  3. We’ll generate a Compensation Study Report. We’ll use the information you submit to generate a 4-page compensation analysis that includes job information, benchmark pay data (base, bonus, equity), market analysis and more.
  4. We’ll collaboratively review the file. When you select below, we’ll review the Compensation Study Report to help you interpret it. If we missed the mark in any way, we can adjust the report in real-time to ensure it is as accurate as possible. 

Need more than one report? 

Do you need to price several jobs or want a more thoughtful total rewards conversation?  Contact us – we’d love to connect. 

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