Coronavirus & Restaurants: The Path to the Next Normal

Relaunch or Reopen Your Restaurant(s) in the midst of the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Re-Restaurant Toolkit (A Path to the Next Normal)

Our industry (and the good people who work in it) went into a tailspin three weeks ago at the time of this writing as state and local governments began closing dining rooms and and issuing shelter-in-place orders. Darkened restaurants are painful to see especially when you are fully aware of the jobs furloughed and the owners rightfully stricken with panic that darkness represent.

Small to mid-sized restaurant operators are being hit the hardest. One minute, operators are delivering food to a customer and the next minute they are trying to sort out the complexities of applying for the Paycheck Protection Program. All in the midst of a personal, professional and financial crisis.

Re-Restaurant 2020

My dear friend Kathleen and I wanted to do something to help our clients and the restaurant industry to take a step out of the weeds and into strategic clarity. We collaborated with other restaurant leaders to compile leadership principles, resources and tools to help restaurant operators lead, plan and act to relaunch their business.

Re-Restaurant is a 38-page slide deck empowering the small to mid-sized restaurant operator to lead their team and company successfully through the COVID-19 crisis. It’s not another newsletter or webinar. In fact, we hope it’s an enduring tool you can look back at during future pivotal moments.

Information for Every Phase of Recovery:

Re-Restaurant is for operators by operators. It includes timeless best practices for every phase of your recovery from restoring yourself to relaunch or reopen your restaurant in the next normal.

Re-Restaurant helps you where you are both in your recovery journey and as a leader in your company. Our goal is to cut above the noise in the sea of newsletters, blog posts and webinars.

Download the File
Re-Restaurant Toolkit (A Path to the Next Normal).

If you know anyone who might find this information useful, please feel free to share. This document is open source. 

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